Senior Citizens

The Parks & Recreation Department plays an active role for senior citizens in the community.


P.E.A.C.E.—People’s Equal Action & Community Effort, Inc. The Town of Marcellus and PEACE Inc. have on staff a senior citizen outreach worker. She is Kathleen Coccia. Mrs. Coccia helps seniors with HEAP forms, food stamps, and assists in information and services affecting seniors. Contact may be made by calling the Town Recreation Office at (315) 673-3269 ext. 2.

Every Thursday at the Marcellus Methodist Church P.E.A.C.E. sponsors a luncheon for senior citizens. Arrive at 11:00 am, lunch begins at noon. Speakers, bingo, entertainment at various times of the year. Reservations must be called in by the Monday of the week of the luncheon, (315) 673-2785. The cost is $2.25 and includes lunch, coffee, tea, milk, and dessert. All senior citizens are welcome!

To learn more about P.E.A.C.E.:

Other helpful websites for seniors


A program of Loretto in cooperation with St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center that helps seniors remain in the community with supportive services.

General news and information regarding aging issues in New York State:


The Parks & Recreation Department is pleased to sponsor Chi-Yoga-Nosis

Chi-yoga-nosis integrates breathing and Chi energy exercises, yoga, and hypnosis.

WHO: Any adult interested

WHEN: 9:15-10:15 am or 10:30-11:30am Thursdays

WHERE: The new Marcellus Free Library-Community room

COST: $20.00

DETAILS: Our instructor, Connie Heagerty, is certified in yoga, hypnotherapy, Reiki II, and Tai-Chi. Benefits of Chi-yoga-nosis include aid maintaining a healthy weight, relief from arthritis, relief from fibromyalgia, increased self-confidence, stress reduction, and improved body image.

Please complete the bottom half of the attached  form and return with payment. Make all checks payable to the Town of Marcellus.

reg form for chiyoganosis2017

One-Day Trips

During the year, the Town of Marcellus sponsors One-Day Trips for senior citizens 60 years old & over. Trip information is available by calling the Recreation Office at 673-3269 ext. 2. Most trips are planned from June–November. We offer several day trips during the summer and fall that often involve a theatre or musical show, museum or historical tours, and boat cruises throughout picturesque landscapes.

And our trips ALWAYS include a delicious meal!

Details coming Soon